Tips and advice for those who wish to attend

Galleria Artfestival 

Marketing and PR

  • Please send us information about your art business or anything else that can be used in press and PR.

  • Contribute posts, comments and pictures to Gallery's Facebook pages

  • The Galleria art festival is both "long, crooked and extensive" - the impressions are many and it can take a few days for the public to see everything. Feel free to have your own posters and banners for attention.

  • Likewise, you may want to submit your own printed matter, business cards or other presentation in the exhibition room.

  • If you have your own home page, remember to refer to it.

Exhibition, presentation, sale

  • Less is more! Be selective when choosing what's on the wall. Instead of hanging up all at once, it may be ok to have something in the back

  • Avoid the wall getting empty early in the festival period. Please sell from the wall if you can replace a sold piece with a new one

  • Mark the work with a"red flap" and make an agreement with buyer about retrieval after the festival is over. Empty walls are no good. Red patches create interest!

  • Join "Byfesten"! Extend the exhibition throughout the evening Saturday,  and get the opportunity to sell during this great party after the Galleria art festival is over. 4-5000 people are expected to Sjøgata!