Welcome to the Galleria Art Festival

The festival is located at the foot of Øyfjellet in wonderful Sjøgata, the old part of Mosjøen on the banks of the river Vefsna, visited by thousands of tourists each summer. The festival is a mix of art fair, where everyone can participate, and exhibitions with invited artists and curated exhibitions.

  • The Galleria Art Festival is an arena for the diversity of visual artistic expressions and imparts impulses from the international art world while giving way to popular art interest.

  • The gallery will create meeting places for artists and children and young people and reflect that Norway is a multicultural society.

  • The gallery will help raise social and aesthetic qualities in the living room.

There are also special offers, courses and workshops etc in the festival period. The exhibition halls range from old rustic walls in the boathouse and brewer to gallery standards. There are showrooms and galleries throughout Sjøgata, which means that the exhibition area goes from Fru Haugans Hotel to the south to Mjaavatnbrygga in the north, a former wooden store / warehouse.

Under the Gallery, Sjøgata is filled with life and atmosphere. You can always sit down at one of the cafes for a snack of refreshment, and the chance is great to experience a musical touch or other entertainment on the purchase.


The Galleria Art Festival is "art without filter" and wants young artists, artists in the field and amateurs to get out and sell in the same arena as renowned performing artists and galleries. This creates a unique atmosphere and atmosphere. There are many actors and businesses that help the audience and artists to be taken care of and ensure that there are galleries / showrooms to house exhibitions of all varieties and compositions.

In addition, the Galleria is "art with filter" where we invite reputable artists to have their own dedicated exhibitions.

Do you want to exhibit and sell your works at the Galleria art festival?

Foto: Sarah Aakerøy 


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